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Nike Air Jordan 5s – White / Red

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Nike Air Jordan 5s – White / Red

It all started back in 1990, when I bought my first pair of Nike Air Jordan 5s, saving every penny to buy my first pair of truly RADICAL SNEAKERS. I remember it to this very day, they set me back 169 dollars, a massive sum for a kid, but well worth the investment to be one of the cool kids in highschool and on the court.

Radical is my name, sneakers is my game – This is where the Journey begins.

I remember it well when my father heard how much I paid for them, also remembering the day when I showed my grandfather these extravagant boots.

Nike Air Jordan 5s – I wanna be like Mike

They were after all the ultimate pair of Basketball shoes to represent the elite status of HIS AIRNESS- Michael Air Jordan a.k.a. M.J. From back in the day, inspiring to be like MIKE on the basketball court, to now where we see so many sneakers to choose from not only in the Air Jordan range but Nike and other popular brands.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. Michael Jordan

Over the years, sneaker designs have been very dynamic, from classic looks that remain timeless, to new technologies in materials and construction.

Let us delve into the world of SNEAKERS and Streetwear.

Air Jordan 5s – One of my all time favourite shoes.

Our first look is with one of my all time favourite pair of shoes. Nike Air Jordan 5s, in fact I had two pair of whites in 1990. I was lucky enough to have a wealthy friend whose father was the same size shoe as I was. My friend needed some extra cash to buy another pair of sneakers. He sold me his father’s shoes for a bargain. I ended up selling them back to him after a few wears since I felt bad for him selling off his father’s shoes.

It wasn’t until about 2000 when I ventured over to the dark side and bought my all time favourite Nike Air Jordan 5s in BLACK.

Michael Jordan Wearing Nike Air Jordan 5s
Michael Jordan wearing white Jordan 5s – 1989/1990

In Jordan’s 1989 — 1990 NBA season, it was obvious that MJ was playing better than he had done so in previous seasons. MJ had established an outstanding points per game personal record, while draining an impressive 69 points scored against Cleveland. Jordan scored throughout the season 92 three-pointers. As a comparison he had only scored a total of 68 in all of his prior seasons combined. Every aspect of Jordan’s game was flawless. It was his characteristic dogfight-like flight that would separate his playing abilities from all other basketball players on planet Earth.

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Relaunch Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red” 2020

It was Jordan’s biting game style that gave Tinker Hatfield his inspiration for the Air Jordan 5s. He likened MJ’s style to that of renowned American WWII fighter planes. Jordan 5s, had distinctive shark tooth shapes on the front midsole. Combined with a clear outsole, Nike Air Jordan 5’s imbued a ferocity reminiscent of its relentless muse.

  • ORIGINAL RELEASE February, 1990
  • DESIGNER Tinker Hatfield
  • ORIGINAL COLOR White / Red / Black / with Silver reflective tongue

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